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YEELIGHT Pendant Light Romanticizes Your Living Room

Having good lighting in your home is a good and easy way to get started with home automation. When you have smart lights, it will allow you to perform your duties well. Smart light will enable you to schedule the lights to turn off or on whether you are at home or not, set timers, and control the brightness and tone and so much more. You can control them using your smartphone, integrate them using your home automation system, using a regular wall switch, and control them with voice commands.

YEELIGHT Pendant Light



The Yeelight pendant light is brought nicely packed, and well accommodated with a very thick Styrofoam to ensure that everything is in good condition. In the package there is; a Bluetooth remote control, the ceiling light itself, some screws to mount the light on the ceiling, and a small instruction manual.


The Yeelight pendant light has a modern design, elegant and simple. It has a white normal frame color but there are other colors like yellow, red, and blue. The ceiling light has a good size with a 12.6 diameter and 32cm while its nice design protects the light from flying insects and dust. The product has two parts; the LED light and the metal frame. The frame is very sturdy and the materials are of high quality while the frame has two labeled connectors for the AC wire on the holes so there is no need of using a screwdriver or any other connectors. This lamp has a latch on each side where you will have to press if you want to disconnect the lamp from the frame.

YEELIGHT Pendant Light


This lighting will support both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and it can work with the Mi Smart Home app or the Yeelight app that you need to download.  It has a remote control that will allow you to control the light via Bluetooth which has a battery included. Something very interesting about this lamp is that it can shut down automatically when it detects you are falling asleep and can be connected with the Mi Band.


The Yeelight app and the remote control allow to adjust brightness, tone, or even to turn the lamp off and on or even set the moon mode where it imitates the moon for a relaxing night environment.


This lighting is of good quality to a smart ceiling. It may seem very expensive but due to its high-end quality, it worth the price. The design is modern and simple and the finishing is great and its frame very sturdy. You can buy good on banggood, which is the global leading online shop, and we will bring it to you in no time.

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