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Yeelight M2 Smart LED Bulb Review

The Yeelight M2 Smart LED Bulb showed up out of nowhere towards the end of 2020, with its low price point (for smart RGB lighting) and the convenience of a seamless Google setup. This implies no third-party services or apps, no external hubs, and no tedious process to run it all. Indeed, this is an almost perfect light bulb for a smart assistant.

Yeelight M2

The Design

The M2 smart LED lamp is equipped with an E26 / E27 base that matches a standard lighting base. The bulb is 124mm long and 60mm wide and can accommodate most of your bulbs. The light source can emit up to 1000 lumens at maximum brightness, which corresponds to a 90 watt light bulb. It was more than enough to light up the room.
It’s pretty easy to set up. Once you have turned on the bulb, simply open the Google Home app and tap Add + → Set up devices → Set up a new device in your home at the top left, select Yeelight Seamless bulb and click Setup. You will be asked to specify the room and name the light bulb. There he is! Your light bulb has been added to your home and you are ready to use it.

M2 smart LED Bulb


Google Home app controls the Yeelight M2 Smart LED Bulb and it lets you control the dimming and lighting. Because it’s fully integrated with the Google Home app, the bulb supports Google Assistant routines and can be monitored when you’re not home.
The app’s main controls include turning the lights on and off, dimming and turning on the lights, setting the light color, and adjusting the light temperature. The response time through the Google Home app is very short, the commands work immediately.

Google’s default combination can be set to control the light bulb, e.g. B. Good morning, bedtime, home and communication. If you want more advanced functionality, you can use advanced IFTTT routines (if any) that will make the most of your smart product.

M2 Smart LED bulb

Yeelight M2 Smart LED Bulb has rich colors and a variety of shades. The 100% brightness of the light looks great and the bulb responds to commands from your Google Home device quickly. Response times are significantly shorter than, for example, when using a different light bulb with the Yeelight app integrated into the Google app.


Yeelight M2 Smart LED Bulb (Multicolor) is a smart purchase if you already have a Google Home product. It’s very easy to set up and use, and it works great. The recommended store to purchase the M2 smart LED Bulb is Banggood.

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