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Yeelight GU10: The Best Smart Lightbulb for Colors

There has been a lot of research about suitable bulbs but Yeelight does it all, especially their latest Yeelight GU10 bulb. This bulb can connect your home wirelessly without the need for a bridge or hub and offers 16 million colors. It supports Siri voice command, Google, Alexa, IFTTT, and Apple Homekit. It also gives a user-friendly app that creates lighting schedules and configures lighting effects.

Yeelight GU10

Design and features.

This is a dimmable bulb that has a 1700K to 6500K white color temperature range, 800-lumen brightness rating which is equivalents to a 60-watt bulb and has a 16-million color palette. It has an E26 base which will fit a standard lamp socket. The LED lightbulb has an expected lifespan of 22yrs, 2.2 inches wide, and 4.6 inches in length. Inside the bulb is a 2.4GHHz Wi-Fi which is used to connect the bulb to your mobile app and your home network. The mobile app for iOS is easy to use because it gives some neat lighting effect. It opens to a device screen with all tabs which contain their name, status (online, offline), and an on or off button.

When tapping the screen, you will customize the YeelightGU10 bulb by selecting a color from the color palette, setting the bulb brightness, selecting a color from the color palette, selecting the flow, mode which runs the color gamut between blue and yellow. The floe mode setting helps you control gradual shifts from color to color, adjust the brightness level while it is in a specific model, and helps you control the flow speed rapidly. The app offers preset colors scenes such as candle flicker (mimics a candle), romance(a gradual shift from dark blue to red), movie(blue), night mode(warm and dim), sunrise (reddish) and there is also a music flow setting which changes color based on music and other sounds using your phone’s microphone.

Yeelight GU10

Installation and performance

When you want to install the Yeelight, it is very easy. First, download the app created an account, and verify it via email. Tap the button at the bottom of the device to select the LED bulb from the list. When you follow the instructions, you will now screw the bulb into a lamp socket, tap next to select my Wi-Fi SSID to enter your password then go to your phone Wi-Fi settings to connect to the Yeelight SSID and add to the device list. The bulb responds very quickly to app commands to change colors, to turn on and off, dim brightness levels, and the schedules, music flow features, and timer.


This is one of the best Yeelight bulbs which adds colorful lighting in your home without having to connect the hub to your router. This is one of the bulbs which are affordable and works with the top voice control platforms which can make you interact with other connected devices using the IFTT applets. Get your Yeelight bulb today in your passion shopping on banggood – which is the global leading online shop – and offers everything at a super affordable price.

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