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Xiaomi Yeelight LED Bulb Review

Over the past few years, most people have preferred the option of using LED bulbs in their homes. One of the most obvious reasons for this being that the LED bulb is way more cost effective than your average traditional white bulb, which in turn greatly helps reduce the amount of your monthly electric bill. In comes the new Xiaomi Yeelight Bulb. This smart LED bulb has recently become very popular in the smart LED bulb industry due to its good features and reasonable price tag.

Xiaomi Yeelight


This smart LED bulb is packaged in a tiny white box alongside some instruction manuals. It weighs in at about 145 grams and looks appealing with its silver body set-up. Plastic and aluminum alloys make up its sheathing material. It is well built and uses E27 standards which make it much superior to your average LED bulb.


Its dimension measurements are 55 by 120 mm and it has a rated power output of about eight watts. Its color temperature is about 4000k and its operating voltage is 220V- 50Hz 0.1 A. Its luminous flux is 600 lumens and it has an average service life of about 25000 hours or so.

Xiaomi Yeelight


The Xiaomi company assures its users that the bulb is meant to last up to about eleven years, which means that you won’t have to worry about replacing your bulbs any time soon. However, one of the most eye-catching features of this smart LED bulb is its ability to produce sixteen million colors as well as having a wide range of temperature adjustment options. It’s ideal for those of you that may have been constantly changing bulbs due to their dull light properties.


In addition to all this, it gives you the chance to choose from mood light or flowing light in accordance with your desired preferences. Colors change automatically when in flowing light mode while the mood light feature synchronizes with the other lights in your room as well as the TV light. Interesting, no?


This Xiaomi Yeelight also has the WiFi connection, which happens to be so much better than using the more common Bluetooth functions.

Xiaomi Yeelight


The Xiaomi Yeelight LED bulb is a reasonably priced alternative to its counterparts such as Phillip Hue and the like, which happen to be considerably more expensive. This bulb gives you the option of enjoying the equal performance and quality like that provided by the high end smart LED counterparts, but at a considerably lower price.

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