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Xiaomi Lights and Lamps-Advanced technology in your home


Using advanced light technology in your home will save you money with reduced energy use, but more importantly, it is good for the health of your family. LED (light emitting diode) lights have been through substantial development and are able to provide many different levels of light intensity. LED lamps such as the Xiaomi LED Desk Lamp have been developed with reduced flickering which will reduce eye tiredness and limit the potential for harm to your eyes over time.


With lighting, there are also variations in color temperature, which is the range of light being provided from lower level orange to the higher level blue. Many lights in homes are in the ranges from 1700K (a very gentle yellow tone) to 5000K (a bright halogen white tone). Some lamps, such as the mi led desk lamp, provide an even higher level which might be needed for very focused work on small items, such as electronics work. Xiaomi has been developing a range of products and we will consider two of these which are popular for home use.


A night light that switches itself off

The xiaomi night light is battery operated and has lower power use as it is only rated at 0.25 watts with a color temperature of 2700K which is down in the softer yellow range. It has a sensor which will identify if somebody enters its 6 meters range within a 120 degrees arc. The light operates automatically so that in the daytime it switches off completely, but during the night, if its infra-red sensor identifies somebody coming into range, it switches on and then once they have moved past, after 15 seconds, it switches back into sleep mode.The Xiaomi Night Light is also small, being only 84 x 84 millimeters, which makes it very easy to install unobtrusively and suitable for a range of spaces in your home.

xiaomi led desk lamp

A very versatile desk lamp

The xiaomi led desk lamp has been carefully designed to deliver a quality and durable light that is practical and stylish. It uses advanced technology to provide reduced levels of flickering. There are four preset modes for the light and you are able to adjust the brightness of your lamp to respond to ambient lighting changes, as well as the color temperature to match your preferred level. It has a modern and stylish design which makes it an attractive addition to a workspace.

xiaomi led desk lamp

Whether you are after a softer glow or require a much stronger intensity of light, this xiaomi desk lamp has an adjustable range of color brightness from 1700K up to 6500K. There is an electrical controller on the device but it is also able to be adjusted to a suitable level by using your mobile phone as a controller through a Bluetooth connection. It has low power use and is rated at 6 watts, with 300 lumens of LED lighting. It is also compact in size being only 445 millimeters high and 150 millimeters wide.

xiaomi led desk lamp

By taking advantage of advanced technology such as that available in the Xiaomi Desk lamp you are providing solutions that improve lighting in your home and increase the quality of life for your family.

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