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XANES 3320 P50:The Most Powerful Flashlight

The Xanes (3320) delivered in 2019. It utilizes Cree XHP50 LED, SMO reflector and 1 x 26650 Li-Ion battery. The incredible producer in this spotlight gives up to 1800 lm yield, 22000 album power, and a bar distance of 297 m.

This light has 3 methods of lighting. This light doesn’t have memory work. It has a strobe work, which is perhaps the best self protection apparatuses accessible. The 3320 electric lamp is battery-powered effectively by means of USB port.


The Design

The aluminum assortment of the xhp50 flashlight is treated with a Type III hard-anodized, against rough finish. It weigh 313g, has a length of 175mm and a head measurement of 50mm.



The producer of 3320 fabricated by Cree, a US-based LED producing organization. The 3320 has a smooth reflector. The appropriately engaged smooth reflector gives you a more durable area of interest and subsequently tosses better.


The toss is the determined distance in meters at which the spotlight delivers a light power of 0.25 lux. The candela per lumen (disc/lm) proportion can be utilized to decide whether a spotlight has a spot or flood type shaft. Very much engaged spot bars can be more than 100 disc/lm, strategic electric lamps are ordinarily between 20-100 cd/lm, and work lights are under 10 cd/lm.



The 3320 is strategic strobe prepared. The strobe light is confusing to the individual it is focused on which makes it hard for them to think. It has the SOS reference point work for a crisis circumstance. The SOS streaks Morse code so you can flag for help when required.


The battery pointer tells you when the battery is low, charging, or completely energized. This spotlight can accuse the battery of an incorporated charger, and it works with any USB power source. This electric lamp has an inherent low voltage insurance (LVP) to keep harm to the cell from over-release, so secured cells are a bit much. The implicit warm control naturally changes brilliance yield to forestall overheating.



The Xanes 3320 P50 is surely the best flashlight you can get out there. Get one today from Banggood which is the global leading online shop; buy good on Banggood.

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