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Widely Used 50cm IP68 White LED Rigid Strip

Today, I’ d like to show you a widely used LED strip, called 50cm IP68 white LED rigid strip. This strip is well designed, having excellent lighting effects and wide applications. It has gained good sales and good reputation after released. To know more details about this popular and practical strip, you can read the following.

50cm IP68 White LED Rigid Strip

This strip is 500mm in length, 12mm in width and 7mm in height. Made of acrylic and aluminum, this strip is solid-state, high vibration resistant, making it durable and practical for long time use. This strip is a 9W light, having extremely excellent heat dissipation capability. It can easily be connected by cable connector, and it is easy to install, maintenance free.

50cm IP68 White LED Rigid Strip-1

Applying 36pcs 7020 SMD LED, this 50cm IP68 white LED rigid strip can provide you super bright light with up to 1440lm. Its light color is pure white, and its color temperatures is 6000 to 6500K. Extremely thin LED light gives out high and even light with low heat.

50cm IP68 White LED Rigid Strip-2

This excellent LED strip has wide applications. It is ideal for furniture decorative lighting, display and show case. As it is waterproof IP68, this strip is suitable for many 12V DC applications, including boat cabin and deck lighting, bait tank lighting, stair lighting, kitchen lighting, courtesy lighting, caravan lighting, garden and exterior lighting, camping and outdoor lighting, etc.

After knowing about its lighting performance and wide uses, you can understand why this 50cm IP68 white LED rigid strip is so popular and famous. No matter it is for indoor uses or outdoor lighting, this strip is really a good option for you to have.

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