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The laser pointer is a device that is handheld and is relatively small that has power source mostly from batteries and a laser diode that emits a coherent low powered laser beam of light which is visible. It is used to highlight something simply by having it illuminated into a small spot that is bright of a colored light. Power is always restricted from exceeding 5Mw.

green burning laser pointer

A green laser pointer is highly different from the other laser pointer colors since it is high-powered, and its frequency is higher and has Rayleigh scattering from air molecules that produce a beam visible to clean air. This happens when viewed in dim lit conditions that are moderate. The other types have a small width of beam and power which is low that brings invisibility to the beam even to areas that have a clean atmosphere, but it relatively shows the small point of light when stroked in opaque areas. Scattering of the Rayleigh intensity increases when the beam is viewed from angles which are near to the beam axis. In the green-light output range, pointers are particularly used for teaching purposes as the astronomical object-pointers. The high power green light laser pointer which is highly powered with high frequency makes a potent signaling tool that produces a bright light for potential search even in daylight. In a vehicle, this could be carried in the emergency kit as a rescue searchlight which is not much expensive.

green burning laser pointer

Features of the Green Laser Pointer

  1.  Its reliability is high and sturdy.
  2.  Has the lowest power consumption that uses 2x AAA batteries that can last even more than 3 hours.
  3.  It is convenient to carry since it has only 55 grams with battery included.
  4.  It has the green helium-neon(HeNe) lasers that has a power output of less than 1Mw and are much bulkier than a modern laser pointer.
  5.  It has relatively light weight that has control distance of 5Mw 532nm
  6.  All green burning laser pointer is currently based on a Diode-pumped solid waste frequency doubled(DPSSFD) laser technology.
  7.  It is highly visible that is 4 to 5 times that of the 635nm diode laser or 632.8nm red ReNe laser.


Uses of the Green Laser Pointer

  1.  Serve well in thin places that has a distance length of 5mw 532nm
  2.  Can be used in vehicles to light parts that are not visible with the eye
  3.  Can be used for teaching purposes as the astronomical object pointers



Tired of trying different laser pointers which have malfunctions? One time while driving I heard a strange noise in the engine when I opened it through the use of my green laser pointer in my emergency kit I used it for lighting, and I was able to detect the exact problem, and I had it fixed. Try our green laser pointer which is the best in the market and will satisfy all your illuminating lighting problems.

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