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Is It Prudent Enough to Change Your Headlight Bulbs for LEDs?

The latest technology advancements have seen a lot of innovations in all sectors. The automobile sector has not been left behind. I mean, we now have electric and driverless cars. This advancement has lead to the production of top-notch components such as LED headlights. There was a time when we had sealed headlights, and then came halogen and LED headlight bulbs.

But the big question is whether we should change our headlight bulbs for LEDs.  In this article, we will explore if it is prudent to change your headlight bulbs for LED.

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Benefits of LED headlight bulbs

Long lifespan

LED bulbs last longer than other bulbs like and halogen bulbs in the market. While halogen bulbs have a lifespan ranging one thousand and six thousand hours, LED lights will give you anything between 25,000 to 30,000 hours of lighting. Hence they are ideal for people who live in remote areas without close car spare parts store. Similarly, LEDs are suitable for people who drive for long distance routinely.

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Energy Efficiency

Among the greatest reasons why switching headlights from halogens to LED is creating a buzz is little power needed to run the LED headlights. They draw little power on your car’s electrical system and emit intense light. They only use a fraction of power required to run halogen lights. The less the power strains are on your system,  the less wear on your alternator and battery. LED headlight bulbs cannot draw enough power to have a flat battery as it may happen with halogen bulbs.

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LED lighting provides more flexibility in lighting and design to the car manufacturers. For hybrid and electric cars, LED bulbs are more reliable. They are not sensitive to dirt on hands. Hence the exacting task of changing bulbs becomes easy. For halogen bulbs, grease and dirt can stick on the bulb glass. Hence it damages and reduces the lifespan of the bulb. While there a great benefits of LED headlight bulbs compared to other bulbs, we also have several cons. They include:

Not Omni-directional

Halogen lights are omnidirectional meaning that they emit light in all directions-the front and the sides. On the flip side, LED bulbs emit light straightforward from each diode. While they emit intense light, they do not necessarily provide better illumination.

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Emit less heat

LED lights do not get hot enough compared to halogen bulbs which heat up to 4500 degrees Fahrenheit. This heat is effective in melting ice, snow and evaporating rain off the bulbs.

Final word

It is imperative to ensure they are street legal in your area. Similarly, LED light needs speciality housing and lenses to reflect light on the road properly. Back to our question, is changing out LED a sagacious enough move for you? Well, that depends on the balance of cost and quality of light emission compared to conventional lights. Conclusive LED lights will serve you better as far as light intensity is concerned, but it is your call to make. For more LED lights, please check here.

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