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Why Installing SinglyFire LED Corn Bulb In Rooms

Last time my cousin came to visit me, she gave a suggestion, that is installing SinglyFire LED corn bulb in rooms. When aked the reasons why I should apply it, she tole me the following information.

SinglyFire LED Corn BulbThe bulb is energy saving. The LED bulb is 60 percent more energy efficient compared with CFL bulb, and 90 percent more energy efficient compared with incandescent bulb, which means the LED bulb can save a lot of energy. Plenty of people are attracted by this feature as it can not only save energy, but also save expenditure spent on electricity bill. It is no wonder that this energy and money saving product is welcomed by the majority of people.

The SinglyFire LED corn bulb is comfortable for people’ s eyes. The light color of the bulb is warm white and white, which is soft and moderate for people, even babies. They can feel comfortable and pleasant with this warm and sweet light. As the beam angle of the bulb is 360 degrees, it can light up the whole space of the room, providing excellent light condition for people.

The light has two kinds of color temperature. One is the 3000 to 3500K with warm light color, and the other is the 6000 to 6500K with pure white color. The color temperature of 6000 to 6500 is suitable for reading and writing to meet higher visual task. Compared with the low color temperature, to meet the current criteria of Illumination condition, high color temperature is more advantageous to delay the visual fatigue of people, and improve the efficiency of reading and writing.

After knowing the above information of the SinglyFire LED corn bulb, I can understand why she suggests me to install it in rooms. It is clear from the above that this bulb is really functional and practical for use. It is no wonder that she thinks so highly of this bulb.

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