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Why E27 7W LED Corn Light Dominates On The Market

According to statistics, E27 7W LED corn light is a winner on the competitive market, which dominates on the market, having good sales volumes. It is said that this light earns its own reputation due to its special and unique features. The following will show you why this light dominates on the market.

E27 7W LED Corn LightFirst and foremost, the light is energy-saving and beneficial, free of maintenance. It has dynamic color control, able to adjust light and shade. Color combination of LED can be realized by using PWM color changs. As it is light directional, together with high utilization rate of luminous flux and small volume, it is easy to control the appearance design and light intensity distribution. The light use DC low voltage power supply which is safe and reliable. The light is really functional and useful.

Secondly, this E27 LED lights has high purity, rich in bright colors. At present, LED products almost cover the whole visible spectrum range, having high color purity. The light has super long life span, up to 50,000 hours. It is more durable than other kinds of light.

E27 7W LED Corn Light SizeThirdly, there is no mercury in LED light source, and no ultraviolet in the light beam. This light is solid-state light source which is environmental protecting, especially suitable for perfume shop, jewelry store, museum of art galleries and other professional place. It can meet the special requirements of the goods on display lighting. It causes no harm to environment and human health. Besides, as it is solid light, it has goof seismic performance which is a reliable and practical item for people.

The above three aspects of the E27 7W LED corn light have shown the reasons why this light dominates on the competitive market. It is quite clear that this light is practical and beneficial for use. It is no wonder that this light is so famous and popular.

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