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Why Choosing E27 LED Globe Lights 9W For Home Use

E27 LED globe lights 9W are the most famous and popular LED lights, welcomed and adopted by many families. According to researches and interviews, it shows that so many families choose those lights for use because that they are harmless, energy saving and convenient for use. The passage will explain why so many people choose those lights for home use clearly in the following.

Firstly, those lights are harmless. Applying LED, those lights are harmless and eco-friendly. There is no UV rays and no mercury. If you apply them for your sweet home, those lights will cause no harm to your health and environment protection, permitting you to use those lights safely and securely.
E27 LED globe lights 9W
Secondly, those E27 LED globe lights 9W are energy saving. According to statistics, LED lights are more energy efficient than incandescent lights. A 5W LED light can produce the light equal to 40W incandescent light. Costing low power consumption, those LED lights can produce bright light for you, quite economical and beneficial for family use.
E27 LED globe lights 9W
Thirdly, those lights are convenient for use. In general, if the voltage of a product is 12V to 24V, a professional LED voltage converter is needed for the operations of those lights. As the voltage of those lights is AC 85V to 220V, not in that ranges, there is no need of a professional LED voltage converter, saving a lot of trouble for you and permitting you to use it easily and conveniently.
E27 LED globe lights 9W
The above three aspects have accounted for why so many people choose this E27 LED globe lights 9W for home use. It is obvious that those lights are fairly functional and practical for use, bringing a lot of benefits and convenience to you if you apply them in your house. It is no doubt that those lights are really worth possessing.

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