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Where can I buy uv glue

Before we look at places you can buy the uv glue, how about we understand what it is first? So, a UV glue is a polymer that usually comes in liquid silicone form, which when exposed to UV light, it fries clear in a process called curing. This process takes place through a chemical reaction often known as cross linking, where the liquid is changed to solid. Now, this process requires a photon energy to make the glue solid occurs within the UV range, which means that exposing it to an ordinary light cannot activate the glue.

Where can I buy uv glue

UV glues are a mixture of liquid polymer resins and a certain component known as a photochemical promoter. When the UV lights hits, the promoter becomes free radicals, causing resin in the glue to react quickly and also boost its strength. The glue is mostly used in industries such as munitions, art and decorative industries and also on electronic devices such as touch panels in smart devices

What are the advantages of UV glue?

Fast drying – when you use UV light to dry the glue, you make the process a bit easier and highly efficient, since the glue dries instantaneous and considering that the temperatures used are pretty low.

Low shrinkage – the glue has a pretty low degree of shrinkage, which makes it more effective and long lasting when it comes to bonding things together in different temperatures.

Durable – due to the stable alignments, the bond lines have lesser chances of developing cracks, which boost the reliability of the glue in longer periods of time.

Sturdy- due to its impervious nature when exposed to sunlight or in harsh environments, and also the fact that it is waterproof, UV glue can, for sure withstand even the toughest environmental conditions without degrading.

Safe – UV glue is solvent-free, thereby making it inflammable and not able to emit flammable vapours. This means that it is safe to the environment. And given the fact that it only hardens when exposed to UV, it means that is controllable and it is not sticky, and therefore, can be used by children.

Where to buy

If you are looking to buy some UV glue, head to, make an order and we will deliver to your location as soon as we can.

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