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where can i buy cheap christmas lights?

What are Christmas lights?

Christmas lights (also known as fairy lights) are lights used for decoration in celebration of Christmas, often on display throughout the Christmas season including Advent and Christmastide. The custom goes back to when Christmas trees were decorated with candles, which symbolized Christ being the light of the world.

Christmas lights

Incandescent vs. LED Christmas lights
Actually, the debate is over. LEDs win in every measure except initial price: A string of LEDs costs about twice as much as same-sized incandescent bulbs. But because LEDs are so long-lasting, the price differential is erased after two to three years of use.

Energy efficiency
LEDs use about 10 percent of the electricity that incandescent bulbs do. An incandescent bulb must heat up its filament to produce light, and about 90 percent of the energy it uses goes to producing heat. LED technology sips energy and produces very little heat, which in turn reduces the risk of fire.
Many types of LED Christmas lights meet Energy Star guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

LEDs last two to three times longer than incandescent bulbs. Plus, LED bulbs typically are made of lightweight plastic and less likely to break than glass incandescent bulbs.

Incandescents hold the edge, but LED light strings usually feature more bulbs per string. Call this one even.

Lighting Up Outside with Christmas lights
String your tree in the evening, with your light strings plugged in so you can see the effect as your build your light scheme.
Evergreen trees look good with bigger bulb sizes, such as the C7 and C9. If you’re lucky enough to have a nice evergreen tree in your yard that you’d like to illuminate, the industry rule of thumb is 100 lights per every vertical foot of tree; large trees may need more.
Larger C7 and C9 bulbs are usually spaced 12 inches apart — a good scale when viewed from the street.

Where to buy Christmas lights
At you have a huge number of Christmas lights options to pick from. Just in case you need the latest and best Christmas light designs, they’ve got you covered. They sell in bulk too, so go get yours today because Christmas is almost at the door.

A beautifully decorated home is part of the wonder of the holiday season. You can make your home the center of attraction in your neighborhood. Go get a Christmas light today!

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