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What You Need to Know About LED Floodlight

In the LED floodlight, there are two parts, LED and driver. The main parameter of floodlight (searchlight) is capacity, which is mainly 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 watts. Another option is the color of light. Basically, there are two colors, cool white (it is brighter) and warm white (more pleasant to the eye).



Other variants of the name, LED searchlight, are LED matrix, LED chip, LED assembly or module. This matrix usually consists of several LEDs (100 pieces), which are connected in parallel. The LEDs in the matrix are made by special technology, which allows to receiving crystals with identical characteristics.


Matrix has two outputs for power, plus and minus. They should not be confused. However, if confused, nothing bad will happen, it just will not light. It is important to ensure good heat dissipation from the LED array. Overheating LED (above 50 degrees) would reduce the life of their working time, and decrease the brightness. Definitely, we can say that the service life of the LED chip is uniquely dependent on the working temperature.



The temperature of the LED matrix depends on several factors, here they are:

  • The presence of the heat sink,
  • Heat dissipation from the assembly,
  • Operating current, which should match the nominal.


We can say that the LED chip current value is chosen compromise between durability and brightness. And now, you can order the 30W LED Chip Lamp, 50W LED Chip Lamp, 90W LED Chip Lamp, etc. at Banggood.


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