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what you need to know about a Fire Light Bulb?

Do you recall how ancient people used to light up their caves using torches of resinous wood? You must have noticed the same trend in movies where producers try to incorporate ancient practices especially on scenes shot in the jungle. In this modern era, it has become a trend to use antique designs to spice up the look of your home and even occasions which turns out really good and unique. The lighting industry has not been behind too in coming up with enticing products.

Fire Light Bulb

A fire light bulb or commonly known as a flame bulb is a bulb that resembles the normal LED light bulb but it instead of the normal light, it produces realistic looking flames made possible by the LED technology that enables it to light up in a pattern to simulate rising flames of an actual fire. It resembles the gas lantern flames but enclosed in a bulb like structure. The fire light bulb can be used alone but if you want fancier flickering effect you can set up the light bulb in a frosted lampshade, salt lamp or lantern.

Fire light bulbs have an upside down effect which allows the bulb to change the direction of the flickering flames once you flip the bulb to ensure that the flames are burning upright. These bulbs have different modes like flickering, gravity sensor, standing and breathing which can be comfortably changed using the switch by turning it on and off but retains the previous mode once turned off for more than 20 seconds. It is believed that the yellow-like flame does not attract bugs making it the ideal choice for outdoor activities like camping. Fire light bulbs are environmentally friendly because they do not contain mercury like in the case of fluorescent bulbs. They have a high efficiency lighting and low energy use. Some benefits of using fire light bulb include:

  • They create a unique and romantic atmosphere like an actual fire.
  • They can be used to bring the spirit of special occasions like Halloween or Christmas.
  • They bring the mesmerizing lifelike flames at a fireplace without the hassle of an actual fire.

Spice up the look of your favorite place and get the best stylish century look with fire light bulb. They can be used as style bulbs for castles, abbeys, bar and hotels, churches, bedrooms and the list goes on and on.

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