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What is Edison bulb 60w really like

Are you curious about retro Edison bulb? Do you want to know what it is really like? If yes, you can continue reading, and the following will introduce you a representative and practical retro Edison bulb, called   Edison bulb 60w.

Edison bulb 60w
Edison bulb 60w

Type: incandescent bulb
Dimension(mm): 135 x 58
Material: glass
Connector: E27
Bulb color: transparent

60w Edison bulbLight source: tungsten filament
Light color: warm white
Wattage(W): 60W
Voltage(V):    220V AC
According to the above detailed information, you can see what this  Edison bulb 60w is really like easily and clearly. It is quite clear that this bulb is great and excellent for illumination and decoration, and it is a worthwhile product for you to possess.

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