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What A Lovely And Cute Luminous Sea Star Night Light

When wandering on the market, I find a lovely and cute night light, that is luminous sea star night light, which is useful and functional for practical use, particularly perfect for bedroom lighting, allowing you to have a romantic and sweet time if you apply it for use. Now, let’ s see more details about this lovely and cute night light together in the following.

This night light is in the shape of sea star, quite attractive and appealing. It is made of high quality PVC, practical and useful for lighting. Powered by three AG13 button cells, this night light can provide you sweet and cute light at night.
Luminous Sea Star Night LightLuminous Sea Star Night Light
Applying LED bulbs, this luminous sea star night light is extremely functional and beneficial for use. With the latest technology LED wick, as long as you switch it on or put it into the water, it can send out colorful magic light. The LED bulbs lifespan reaches up to 100,000 hours, fairly durable and practical for use.
Luminous Sea Star Night Light
Moreover, this night light features lovely shape, white body and 7 changing color, already attracting many people’ s eyes. With gentle color change, it can create a romantic atmosphere and relieve the mood. Thanks to its attraction, this light is suitable for bedroom, home decoration, bar, coffee shop, restaurant, KTV, and every romantic places, especially the wedding decoration. It is quite clear that this night light is a functional, practical and beneficial item for you to possess.

From the above, it is easy to see that this luminous sea star night light is really a lovely and cute night light, and this night light can help you a lot in your daily life for both illumination and decoration. I am attracted by this night light at the first sight. What about you after knowing about it?

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