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Using E27 10W LED Ball Bulb Makes You Comfortable

Generally speaking, when you choose bulb for use, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration, such as the voltage, wattage, light effect and so on. These aspects have great influence to whether it is comfortable for you to use the bulb. After considering all the factors, you can easily find that E27 10W LED ball bulb meets all the needs.

E27 10W LED Ball Bulb
E27 10W LED Ball Bulb

The voltage of the bulb is 85V to 240V, easy and convenient for use. It is said that if the voltage of a product is 12V to 24V, a professional LED voltage converter is needed for the better performance of the bulb. As the voltage of the bulb is not is the range, there is no need for you to purchase and install a LED voltage converter if you select the bulb for yourself, which saves a lot of trouble for you.

As for the wattage of E27 10W LED ball bulb, it is 10W, not too big or too small. It is right perfect for use. The bulb can produce bright light without costing too much energy. It is a functional and practical bulb for you to use.

In terms of light effect, the light color of the bulb is warm white, pretty soft and moderate for use, creating a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. If you apply it in your room, you will feel comfortable and relaxing with this soft light. Besides, the beam angle of the light is 300 degree, which means the bulb can illuminate the space to the larges extent, making full use of light.

In a word, after considering the voltage, wattage, and light effect of the bulb, you  can understand why E27 10W LED ball bulb is the most suitable bulb for you, which can make you comfortable and relaxing when using it.

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