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Unique E27 4W Magic Bulb: Both Bulb And Flashlight

E27 4W magic bulb is the only double function well-designed LED emergency magic bulb flashlight. It can both used as E27 bulb and a flashlight, and it can provide excellent light distribution and satisfy different application demands. The passage here will introduce you this functional and practical bulb in details, allowing you to see how excellent and great it actually is clearly.
E27 4W magic bulb
This bulb is energy saving and multi-functional. It is also environmental protection without ultraviolet and infrared. It has rechargeable emergency bulb with internal rechargeable lithium battery. The rechargeable LED light bulb keeps on illuminating even without electricity supply. When AC power supplies, battery can be charged anytime. It can last more than 2 to 3 hours when AC power has been cut off. This bulb is perfect for power failure emergencies.
E27 4W magic bulb
This E27 4W magic bulb is easy and simple to operate and control. When in bottom switch, it can be used as a normal light bulb. When electricity supply is on, the bulb stays on, and when electricity supply is off, the light stays off. When in middle switch, it is used for rapid recharging of the built in rechargeable battery, and the light stays off. When in top switch, the light stays on when electricity supply is switched on and it can stay on for 3 hours even if electricity is turned off, provided the built-in battery is fully charged. The bulb can also be used as a hand-held flashlight by pulling its built-in handle down from the bottom.
E27 4W magic bulb
It is easy to see from the above that this double function well designed E27 4W magic bulb is really excellent and great. It can be regarded as both bulb and flashlight. If you need a bulb or a flashlight, this one is surely the best option for you to have.

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