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Two Famous Kinds Of LED Strip Light

After getting in touch with strip light, I know that there are two famous kinds of strip lights, the 3528 LED strip light and the 5050 LED strip light. The following will introduce you these two kinds of strip lights.
The 3528 LED strip light is IP65 waterproof flexible LED strip. It is easy to install and free to maintain. It has self-adhesive back with double side adhesive tape, able to be used easily and conveniently. Every 9-LED can be cut off without damaging the rest strip. The strip light has long life span which is more than 50,000 hours, quite durable for long time use. The strip light also has a remote controller, and the controller has 6 DIY keys for remembering the colors that you prefer. You can control the strip light simply and conveniently.

LED Strip Light
LED Strip Light

The 5050 LED strip light can produce super bright light with low power consumption, running with low temperature. All the light can spread completely and smoothly. Every 3 LEDs can be cut off without causing any damages to the whole strip, and it can meet your requirement to make full use of the strip light. The DC plug has already been soldered on the connector, ready to be plugged in and working. This strip light is widely used for illumination and decoration. It can light up hallways, stairs, trails ,windows for your homes, decorate hotels, theaters, clubs, shopping malls, archway, canopy and bridge edge. Besides, the strip light can be applied for security and emergency lighting.

These two kinds of LED strip light are really functional and useful. It is no wonder that both of them are famous and popular. If you need strip light for illumination or decoration, they are all your best choices. It is hoped that you can have a great time with these functional and useful strip light.

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