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Touch Controlling Your Home Light With Crystal Glass Panel Switch

Nowadays, touch controlling products become more and more popular, and crystal glass panel switch is one of the most popular product among them on the market. This switch has applied touch panel, supporting convenient and comfortable use. To know how this switch really is, you can continue reading for more details.

This glass panel  switch is a product of the famous brand LIVOLO, in the model number of VL-C302-62. Its color is black. This switch consists of luxury crystal glass panel, touch screen board, electronic chipset and flame retardant bottom base. Adopting IC intelligent chip, this switch is more sensitive on touch control.
crystal glass panel switch
This crystal glass panel switch features sensitive touch control, obtaining 2 gang 1 way touch single control, quite perfect and ideal for home light. It has backlight indicator. Red is on, while blue is off. This switch is safe to use. The panel plate is made with crystal glass, so that you can operate it with wet hand. This switch is scratch-resistant, damp proof and fire retardant, permitting you to use it safely at ease.
crystal glass panel switch
Besides, this glass panel switch is easy to install, demanding the same wiring with traditional switch. The voltage of this switch is 110 to 250V, and its total rated load is about 2000W. This switch has super long time service, and it supports 100,000 times of operation. It is no doubt that this switch is quite durable and practical for use.
crystal glass panel switch
From the above, it is obvious that this crystal glass panel switch is really advanced, practical and useful for home light controlling. Applying this switch, you can touch control your home light easily and conveniently. If you are searching for touch switch for your home light, this one is surely the top choice for you to have since it is so useful, practical and popular.

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