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Tips Of Making Full Use Of Double Row LED Strip Light

Double row LED strip light is an important and vital decorative light which has been applied in many field. On the purpose of utilizing the strip light, you must know the performance and function of the light, as well as its safety information.

double row led strip
double row led strip

The strip light has 133 different changing patterns and changing speeds, which means it has 133 models. It comes with 133 different changing types RF controller. This controller is design for LED production which uses IC as driver, and it is very useful for light box advertisement, stage light, house decorating, and so on. It length of the strip is 5 meters, and each meter has 120 LEDs, which means the strip has 600 LEDs totally. It is no wonder that it can produce bright light.

Double row LED strip light is waterproof, able to be used in rainy or snowy days. If the weather is not out of the range from 20 degree below zero to 60 degree, the strip light can function well regardless of the weather condition. The strip light is great for holiday, disco, party, home, garden and shops decoration and so on. It is absolutely multifunctional.

In order to make full use of the strip light, there are some safety information that should be noticed. Firstly, the supply voltage of this product is DC 12V, you are forbidden to connect to other high voltage. Secondly, you should never connect two wires directly in case of short circuit. Thirdly, lead wire should be connected correctly according to colors that connecting diagram. After obeying these three rules, you are able to take the advantages of the strip light to the large extent.

Double row LED strip light is really practical and functional, and you can make full use of the strip light based on the above tips. It is hoped that you can enjoy the great benefits the strip light can bring to you.

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