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The Different Bulb Models and Their Applications – part 2


As we have mentioned above, different bulb types will be applied in different products due to their different characteristics and features. These light bulbs just make our life so much more convenient and brighten. If you are interested in knowing more about different light bulb types, please keep reading part 2.

g24 led corn bulb

IV. g24 led corn bulb

There are 2 main types of g24 led corn bulb which are the directional one and the all-around illuminations. The corn-cob G24 LED Bulbs are mostly great when you need light in all directions while the directional G24 LED lamp is great when you need light up only one direction like when the lamp is mounted on the ceiling, and in this case, the light beam will be strong and powerful.

V. gu10 led ball bulb

The gu10 led ball bulb is also commonly known as the PAR16 bulb is a common type of spotlight bulb that can be found in most of our homes today. GU10 bulb indicates the type of fittings these models of bulbs have. Like all or most led bulbs, it is also known for being energy-efficient, of longevity and affordability. The bulbs are mostly used in places that require bright and directional night including in our kitchens and workspaces.

g24 led corn bulb

VI. mr16 led corn bulb

The mr16 led corn bulb was originally used in slide projectors but is now generally used in both commercials, especially retail setting and residential applications. They are able to easily fit into track lighting, desk lighting and are able to provide accent lighting with an exact and directional lighting.


In conclusion, there are different models as you have seen above and you only need to know the planned use of the bulb to be able to choose the right one. You can share your experiences with us below.



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