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The Different Bulb Models and Their Applications – part 1


Before the light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison in 1878, there were numerous unsuccessful attempts, some ending in tragedies. Edison himself made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts for inventing the bulb. He was famously asked by a reporter how it felt to fail 1,000 times and he replied that there were 1,000 steps in the invention of the light bulb. We should all feel grateful that light bulb is so easy to use and provides lots of more conveniences to our life. The light bulbs are used until today, and with the development of science and technology, light bulbs are becoming more and more advanced and user-friendly. There are lots of different bulb models nowadays which are widely and commonly used in different industries and products.

g9 led corn bulb

I. b15 led bulbs

The b15 led bulbs are considered as decorative bulb types which are great for use in chandeliers and in ornate traditional light fittings. Apart from their stunning look when illuminated, the b15 led bulbs cost less to run, are eco-friendly and last longer. There are the b15 led bulbs in a cool white in case you want the brighter light and also there are the warm white b15 led bulbs great for achieving a warm ambiance in your place.


II. b22 light bulbs

The b22 light bulbs are bayonet bulbs and are designed to replace halogen bulbs by being able to fit straight into the existing furnishings. Bayonet bulbs are known for being used in a number of applications including in automotive lighting, many flashlights and in our rooms. They save you energy and last longer.

g9 led corn bulb

III. g9 led corn bulb

The g9 led corn bulb is well known for using less electricity while still being able to give you the same light output. The bulb emits light in a spreading out manner as opposed to being a narrow beam. For that reason, the bulb is great for general lighting purposes. Some of the popular uses include desk lamps, accent lights, and small appliances.


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