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Teach you how to identify the LED energy-saving lamps

LED bulbs because of its power saving effect is obvious, long service life, no stroboscopic effect, no noise, the light is downy characteristics such as wide working voltage range and is becoming more and more get the welcome of consumer.But the LED bulbs on the market a lot, the quality is good and bad are intermingled.How in the energy-saving light of lamps and lanterns shop full of beautiful things in the choose and buy your satisfactory products?Through the “five” to identify the advantages and disadvantages of energy-saving lamps, is introduced as follows.

1.Packing and marking            

E27 5.5W 828LM 69SMD 5050 LED Power Energy Saving Corn Light
E27 5.5W 828LM 69SMD 5050 LED Power Energy Saving Corn Light 220-240V

National mandatory requirements of LED lamps and lanterns manufacturers products marked on the outer packing the following contents: rated voltage, voltage range, rated power, rated frequency.Generally speaking, the high quality products of trademark printing quality is good, the font is clear, not easy to fall off, with a soft wet cloth to wipe, mark clear, not easy to erase, a manufacturer’s trademarks and related certification marks.False and inferior product printing quality is poor, font fuzzy, easy to erase, no manufacturer’s trademarks and related certification marks.

2.see leds appearance

The real LED energy-saving lamps, is to use tricolor tube, tube white, hand over to see, more white.In addition, look from the lamp, can put more than lamp together to compare, tube shape and size consistency better for bending forming machine, how is the product of mass production.Good consistency of product, quality is easier to get guarantee, servicing the interchangeability of the better.Appearance, of course, also cannot have crack, loose and interface between be broken open a trace.In the process of installation, disassembly, there should be no loosening of the lamp holder, a little.

Light plastic shell must choose that kind of engineering plastics flame retardant.Common plastic deformation and flammable, were used in production of energy-saving lamps are banned.Discriminant both on the surface can be simple, the surface is smooth, glossy, the former have similar frosted glass surface texture.

3.The temperature at which the three look at work

LED bulbs under normal working state, the temperature rise should be low.Otherwise, a short life of LED bulbs.At the same time, energy-saving lamps light up, there are quickly flashing, or very dazzling, suggests that the energy-saving lamps quality problems.

4. look at starting switch performance

LED bulbs starting switch has two characteristics: first, the higher the temperature the easier start;The second is the light off, not flash.In addition, it is worth mentioning that many LED energy-saving lamps in a very dark, the light bulb, LED energy-saving lamps should have the power in the internal circuit and PCB board.

5 .the interference

In our country, the electromagnetic compatibility is appliances must pass the project, however, this project is very complicated, the light users buy a look at the package whether have through the national flag of electromagnetic compatibility test, 2 it is to take a medium short wave radio, when the lamp is working, turn the radio on nearby, radio to medium short wave radio station in the lower noise, electromagnetic compatibility of the measured light is better.

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