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Tips to consider when Choosing a LED strip

Introduction LED Strips are a hugely versatile lighting solution capable of meeting the difficulties presented by even the most complex lighting projects. LED Strips are a linear-based light source that can be cut to specific lengths. While you can cut the strips yourself, it is much easier to ask a professional electrician

EL Wire: Flexible Dance Party Decoration Light

EL wire

EL wire is a thin copper wire coated in a phosphor which glows a 360 degree unbroken light when an alternating current is applied to it. It is bendable as a thin neon tube, ideal and perfect for flexible decoration. Many customers all around the world have adopted it for

Best 5M SMD 5630 LED Strip Lights For DIY

5M SMD 5630 LED strip lights

Are you fond of DIY? Do you want to make a DIY light for party, festival or performance? If yes, here is a suggestion for you, that is getting 5M SMD 5630 LED strip lights for yourself, which are the best for DIY. To know what the strip lights really

Colorful Decorative 30cm LED Strip Light With USB Cable

30cm LED strip light with USB cable

Today, I’ d like to introduce you the colorful decorative 30cm LED strip light with USB cable. This strip light is really useful, and I apply it everywhere in my house, such as corner, cupboard, desk, TV, and so on. It makes my home colorful and beautiful, allowing me to

Advantages Of Double Row LED Strip Light

Double Row LED Strip Light

Have you heard of double row LED strip light? Do you know what it is? Do you understand the advantages of the strip light? The strip light is a famous type of lights, used widely and broadly. The following will tell you the advantages of the strip light. The strip light