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Comparison Between Energy-saving LED Bulb And Ordinary Light bulb

Energy Saving Corn Light Bulb

The comparison between energy-saving LED bulb and ordinary light bulb lies in three aspects, that is energy-saving comparison, health comparison, life comparison. The following will show you those three aspects in details to enable you to see the advantages and disadvantages of the two bulb. Firstly, it is the energy-saving comparison.

Special Characteristics Of LED Light

Nowadays, more and more people are using or going to adopt LED light thanks to its special characteristics. These characteristics are really fascinating and fantastic, attracting many people’ s attention. The passage will talk about it in details. LED light has high purity, rich in bright colors. At present, LED products

How To Choose The Most Suitable Ceiling Lamp

For every person, it is not easy and simple choose a suitable ceiling lamp. Many factors should be considered when making decision, among which there are three factors must be paid attention to. Firstly, you need to consider about the material the ceiling lamp is made of. When choosing ceiling light

Teach you how to identify the LED energy-saving lamps

LED bulbs because of its power saving effect is obvious, long service life, no stroboscopic effect, no noise, the light is downy characteristics such as wide working voltage range and is becoming more and more get the welcome of consumer.But the LED bulbs on the market a lot, the quality