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Superiority Of E27 6W LED Bulbs Over CFL Bulbs

E27 6W LED bulbs are the most famous and popular types of bulbs for family use, which have superiority over CFL bulbs. This article aims to make a comparison between the CFL bulbs and the LED bulbs to show you the superiority of these LED bulbs.

E27 6W LED BulbsCFL bulbs are made of glasses which means the bulbs are breakable, not easy to transport and install. While, the LED bulbs are solid-state encapsulation, belonging to the cold light source type. It is convenient for transportation and installation, able to be placed in any tiny or closed equipment. There is no need to worry about vibration or heat dissipation.

CFL bulbs are not durable, easy to be damaged. As for the E27 6W LED bulbs, they have a long life span and can work at high speed. If CFL bulbs turn on or off quite frequently, the filament will be black and damaged, and the light will be out of use. Therefore, the LED bulbs are more durable than CFL bulbs.

E27 6W LED Bulbs SizeCFL bulbs have mercury pollution during production and after usage which is strictly noticed by countries all over the world at present. More and more people realize that mercury is dangerous. As for the LED bulbs, there are no mercury and it is simple and easy to install and remove the bulbs. These bulbs can also be recycled not only by producers but also by other people.

After comparing the E27 6W LED bulbs with CFL bulbs, you can have a clear picture of the superiority of the LED bulbs over CFL bulbs. Thanks to their superiority, these LED bulbs are accepted and welcomed by many customers. If you are searching for family use bulbs, these LED bulbs are definitely your best choices, and you can enjoy the great convenience and benefits these bulbs can bring to you.

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