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Specialties Of Newly Advanced Olight M18 CREE LED Flashlight

On the market of LED flashlight, there is a newly advanced product named Olight M18 CREE LED flashlight. This flashlight has applied advanced high technologies to ensure excellent performance, obtaining many remarkable and amazing specialties, which will be illustrated in the following in details.

This flashlight is a defensive adaptation of the M18 Maverick. Its stainless steel bezel provides protection from drops. Overheat protection ramps down initial output after one minute. This flashlight also has two-position and removable pocket clip, making it portable for use. It also has tail cap switch clicks for constant on, providing momentary activation and strobe through half presses. Those high advanced technologies make sure that this flashlight can perform and function well.
Olight M18 CREE LED flashlight
With an aggressive bezel and simple user interface, this Olight M18 CREE LED flashlight is the ultimate self-defense flashlight. By pressing the clicky tail cap switch, you can instantly make it produce 800 lumens brightness with either momentary or constant on. And because the highest output always comes on first, there is no room for error when you want to access the highest output to stop any assailant in his tracks.

An 800-lumen strobe paired with the stainless steel strike bezel offers last-resort defensive options for your protection. If you need a lower-lumen output for a non-defensive scenario, a 150-lumen output is also available. Powered by two CR123A, two RCR123A or a single 18650 battery, the flashlight is perfect for concealed or every day carry to keep you safe in any situation.

All in all, this newly advanced Olight M18 CREE LED flashlight has remarkable and amazing specialties which make the flashlight attractive and appealing. It is quite clear from the above that this flashlight is practical and functional for daily uses. It is believed that this flashlight is a worthwhile and valuable product for people to have


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