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Special Nordic 3D LED Cat Shape Night Light

When wandering on the market, I am completely attracted by a special and unique night light, that is Nordic 3D LED cat shape night light. It looks like a cat walking elegantly when lighting, attracting my whole attention. If you are also fond of cat, this night light will definitely become your favorite. And now, let’ s have a close look at this night light together in the following in details.

LED Cat Shape Night Light

This cat shape night light is made of arcylic frame and wooden base. The height of the cat is 19.5cm, and the width of the cat is 17.5cm. The length of the lamp base is 14cm and the height of the lamp base is 5cm. It is obvious that this night light is small in size.

LED Cat Shape Night Light-1

This small cat shape item is an intricately designed 0.5W light, and its light source is LED. It can provide you warm white light if used. Light passes through acrylic glass, appearing to be 3D design. It is energy saving with low energy consumption, and it does not overheat.

LED Cat Shape Night Light-3

This night light has micro USB plug in the socket. Through simple steps, you can apply it for night lighting. It has changeable top pieces, and acrylics never gets hot, making it safe to touch. This light can be used as a decorative light, sleep light, table light, quite useful and helpful in daily life.

In short, this LED cat shape night light is a special, durable, safe and practical light, ideal and perfect for decoration and illumination. If you like cat shapes item, you should not miss this useful and helpful night light.

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