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SMD 5630 SinglyFire LED Corn Bulb Is Welcomed By Many People

SMD 5630 SinglyFire LED corn bulb is one of the best sellers on the market of LED bulb. This bulb is accepted and welcomed by many people thanks to the following aspects of this bulb.

SMD 5630 SinglyFire LED Corn Bulb

The bulb has a good light effect, suitable and comfortable for people’ s eyes. The light colors of the bulb are warm white and white, which are soft and moderate for people, even babies. They can feel comfortable and pleasant with this warm and sweet light. As the beam angle of the bulb is 360 degrees, it can light up the whole space of the room, providing excellent light condition for people. It is obvious that the light effect of this bulb is really excellent.

The SMD 5630 SinglyFire LED corn bulb has high energy efficiency. According to the statistics, it is said that this LED bulb is 80 percent more energy efficient than ordinary bulb, and its power consumption is 57 percent less that that of ordinary bulb. The brightness of a 12W LED bulb is approximately equal to that of 75W incandescent bulb. Choosing this bulb for family use can make sure less electricity consumption and less expenditure on electricity bill. It is practical and beneficial to have the bulb.

Moreover, this bulb is convenient for people to use. In general, if the voltage of a product is 12V to 24V, a professional LED voltage converter is needed for better performance. Fortunately, the voltage of the LED bulb is 220V, so that there is no need for people to use a professional LED voltage converter, saving a lot of trouble for them. Besides, this bulb is a kind of LED light, obtaining super long life span. There is on need to considering replacing the bulb. The bulb is really convenient for use.

Those above aspects of this SMD 5630 SinglyFire LED corn bulb have accounted for why this bulb is so popular and welcomed by so many people. It is easy to see from the above that this bulb is beneficial and economical for practical use.

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