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Smart Tiger Color-up Music Lamp: A Lamp Like Anole

Recently, I am completely attracted by a smart light, called Smart Tiger color-up music lamp. This lamp is like anole, and it will become same color as the object it touches. It also features Bluetooth transmission, quite amazing and fascinating. To know what this lamp is really like clearly, you can read the following.

Smart Tiger Color-up Music Lamp

This smart lamp is compact and portable, convenient to carry and use it indoor or outdoor. It features silica gel lamp shade, high transparency, good elasticity and high temperature resistance.

Smart Tiger Bluetooth Music Lamp

This smart light has wireless portable mini Bluetooth stereo speaker system. With low power consumption Bluetooth 4.0 transmission, you could receive phone call or enjoy music.

Smart Tiger Color-up Lamp

Smart Tiger color-up music lamp makes your life more colorful. It will become same color as the object it touches. With color sensor and color picker, you can choose any kind of color you like to meet your different requirements. No matter what color you like, you can just take and touch it. Smart color picker can get any color you like easily. In the white light mode, you can also pat lamp shade to adjust brightness.

Smart Tiger Color-up Music Light

This Bluetooth lamp also has built-in microphone and hands-free function for clear voice call. High-performance LED light source can make visual effect more prominent and light softer to protect your eyes. Built in rechargeable battery is charged by computer via USB interface. High quality lithium battery makes it portable and safe. It supports you to go wherever you want.

By now, you can clearly see what this Smart Tiger color-up music lamp is really like from the above, and you can also understand why I am attracted by it deeply. This lamp is really advanced, smart and multifunctional, absolutely worthwhile and beneficial for you to possess.

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