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RGB 3528 LED Strip Lights Make Bars Fascinating And Fantastic

When walking into bars, you can easily find the RGB 3528 LED strip lights which are perfect for bars. These strip lights are vital and essential to make the bars fascinating and fantastic. Are you curious about how it can do that? You can read the following, and you will find the answers.


3528 LED Strip Light
3528 LED Strip Light

This strip lights can produce ultra bright light with long life span which is more than 50,000 hours. It is quite durable and useful for long time use. These strip lights are easy to install and free to maintain products, having self-adhesive back with double side adhesive tape. It is to some extent a flexible ribbon for curving around bends, and every 9 LEDs is curable without damaging the rest strip, allowing people to use these lights to decorate bars based on different needs without worrying about the destroy of the whole strip.
The RGB 3528 LED strip lights are colorful, obtaining 20 colors with 8 light patterns, namely quick, slow, auto, flash, 7 color fade change, 3 color fade change, 7 color jumpy change, 3 color jumpy change, permitting people to create a romantic and exiting atmosphere. This strip lights are perfectly suitable for bars, capable of making bars fascinating and fantastic.
Besides, this strip lights are easy and simple to control as the lights have a remote controller. The controller has 44 keys, among which there are 6 DIY keys for remembering the colors people like most. By controlling the controller, the bars can be more attractive and appealing conveniently. Except that, the strip light is waterproof, particularly suitable for bar, nor afraid of water and wine.
It is obvious from the above that the RGB 3528 LED strip lights are the perfect decorating object for bars, making bars extremely fascinating and fantastic. It is no wonder that these lights can be seen everywhere in bars.

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