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Review of BlitzWolf BW-LT3

As you can see, BlitzWolf has made some incredible multifunction LED lights. The light that we’ll be looking at today is the BlitzWolf BW-LT3. This light is advertised as an emergency preparedness night light, and it would definitely exceed in that role. The BW-LT3 outputs 100 lumens white light from LEDs with the Lipo Battery 1200mA, and the color temperature is 5700K.


What’s more, BW-LT3 has a beautifully aerospace aluminum body, which absorbs and disperses heat away from the LEDs. The light is 107mm long, 33mm in diameter. And it’s long enough to fill the hand comfortably. In fact, this light has 5 lighting modes:

High – 5 hours runtime

Medium -8 hours runtime

Low – 20 hours runtime

Micro – 400 hours runtime

Strobe – 43 hours runtime


The lightning modes are actuated with a single power button. This button is also used to turn the flashlight on and off. The reflector on the flashlight is smooth, but the light still has a medium-sized center spot with a good amount of spill. It’s a great compromise, which should perform well for lighting up a larger area, as well as giving you enough throw to illuminate distant objects.


The BW-LT3 is also very comfortable to carry, as the package includes two lanyards for preventing the light from falling. This BlitzWolf multifunction LED Light is ideal for camping, hiking, cycling, fishing, reading, walking, home emergency, car Emergency, etc.


If you’re looking for a bright everyday emergency LED light, then the BW-LT3 may be just that light. You can get this light at It’s not expensive, just costs $8.99 in normal price for one unit. And there are big bargains if you buy more, $6.99 each unit for 1-20th orders, $7.99 each unit for 21-100th orders and $8.59 each unit for 101-300th orders. So, the more you buy, the more you save.


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