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Retro E14 2W LED COB Flame Lamp: Suitable For Various Occasions

E14 2W LED COB flame lamp is a retro and stylish high quality LED light, suitable for various occasions. You may see it at home or office, and you can even see it on library, hotel, coffee store, bar or other places.

To know what this retro and widely used LED light is really like, you can continue reading, and the following will show you in details.

E14 2W LED COB flame lamp
Dimmable: NO
Voltage: 85-265V
Base fittings: E14
Power Consumption: 2W
Optical efficiency: 210lm
LED filaments: 2 Filaments
Beam Angle: 360 degrees
Size: 100mm x 34.6mm
Color temperature: Warm White: 2700-3000K; Pure White: 6000-6500K

E14 2W LED COB flame lamp E14 2W LED COB flame lamp
1. Significant product in LED lighting field;
2. Carrying on the classic appearance of traditional incandescent, close to life, retro feeling;
3. Using the latest technology LED filaments as light source, energy saving, environmental protection;
4. 360 degrees beam angle, light is in everywhere;
5. Using gas heat dissipation, lower filaments’ temperature to prevent oxidation and extend the service life of LED light to most extent;
6. High color rendering index, RA> 80, excellent lighting effects, eye protection;
7. Using glass cover, 100LM light efficiency, light transmission rate of 100%;
8. Can directly replace traditional tungsten light bulbs, used in a variety of occasions in life or work.

After knowing the description and feature, you can see what this E14 2W LED COB flame lamp is really like, and you can also understand how excellent and great this retro LED light actually is clearly. As it is so practical and popular, it makes sense that you can see it in many occasions.

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