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Purple Light Laser: The answer for your daily needs!


Even today, many people question the usefulness of laser pointers. This tool has been known for a long time since a few decades ago but some people still do not understand its usefulness. This tool is very useful for presentation activities, playing with small children or pets, and even stargazing with others (a common thing in Scouting or school break). In short, for some types of activity, laser pointers are seen to be far more effective than if we use a regular flashlight.

purple laser pointer pen

Some recent info

Some reports suggest that some European hospitals apply laser pointer to allow doctors and patients with severe brain injuries to communicate with each other. Laser pointers have been used in hospitals widely as a tool to show the words written on the whiteboard. Not only that, this versatile tool is also commonly used as a test of one’s consciousness.


In 2014, someone named Brian Palmer explained that he could reduce the growth of green star polyps, valonia, xenia, mojano, and so on only using the laser pointer. All is abnormal growth or more precisely unwanted in the aquarium, and guess what! He used the Purple Light Laser Pointer Flashlight! However, he suggests to anyone who does this trick to avoid direct reflection from the laser beam. They can use special glasses for it.


The question now is, “how do we choose a good laser pointer?” Of course, we can find in the market, various types and brands of laser pointers. Unfortunately, not all can meet all our expectations and needs. This time I will discuss about the purple laser pointers and why you need this tool. You can find more than one brand of purple laser pointers but specifically, I will recommend the brand that you can put your trust on. This product has a myriad of features that complement the various needs for a laser pointer. With a 1-200mw output, this purple laser pointer pen with quality that can be considered as one of the best on the market today and the most economical in its class. This tool is easy to carry because it weighs only 50g. You can put it in your pocket comfortably. The dimensions are also possible for children to carry, only 11 * 2 * 2 in cm.

purple laser pointer pen

Its wavelength range

It is a purple light laser flashlight with a 405nm wavelength range, enabling it to be used in a variety of outdoor activities such as field travel (primarily located in dense forests), amateur astronomy activities, mining research, light research in nature, and so on. For indoor use, this tool is also very helpful as an example you as a teacher want to show small objects to your students, make them understand what you mean.


From some of the above explanations, it would be obvious that the laser pointer especially the Purple Light Laser Pointer Flashlight is one of the versatile tools that should always exist in your pocket.


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