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Projection Night Light: Creative Decoration Shadow Lamp

Projection night light is a creative decoration shadow lamp, popularly welcomed by many customers all over the world. Many people apply it for festival, party, performance decoration to create a romantic atmosphere.   
projection night light
And now, let’ s have a look at this night light together in the following in details.
projection night light
The lamp is 7.1cm in base diameter, 6.5cm in base height and 14-16cm in total height.
There are 5 models, that is magnolia, nest, flock, dandelion, pine.
Shadow lamp uses imitate LED Flashlights a candle type. It will flash, and it can also timing, creating artistic conception to you.

Shadow should be placed on a shelf or mantle in front of a light colored wall. Shadow works best in low light. The farther shadow is from the wall, the larger the cast shadow.
You can adjust the shadow shape by any angle.
projection night light
There are 2 kinds of modes of light. One is a long time lighting mode, and the other is timing mode (2 hours /4 hours /6 hours).
You can simply set a duration and turn it on. Shadow LED will automatically turn on every day at that time and will turn off after the hours of set number.

In a word, this projection night light is really great and excellent for illumination and decoration. No matter it is for home use, or festival, party and performance decoration, this creative decoration shadow lamp is absolutely your top choice.


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