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Problems And Solutions Of 5050 LED Strip Light

5050 LED strip light is a functional and practical light in people’ s daily life. Many people apply it for illumination and decoration. When making or using the strip light, you may meet some problems, but it is not a big deal as there are corresponding solutions to these problems. The following will tell you those problems and solutions in details.

 5050 RGB LED Strip Light
5050 RGB LED Strip Light

The first problem is the electrostatic burnt out. Because LEDs is electrostatic sensitive components, so if the electrostatic protection work is not ready in the process of production, it will burn out the LED chip, and cause the phenomenon of strip light death feigning. The measure to prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon is to strengthen the electrostatic protection. The staff who contacts with the LED must wear anti-static gloves in accordance with the relevant provisions, and electrostatic ring, tools and instruments have to be grounded well.

The second problem is the high temperature damage. As its high temperature resistant performance is not good, if the welding temperature and welding time are not controlled good in the process of production and maintenance, the 5050 LED strip light will keep on high temperature for ultra high temperature, causing the damage of the LED chip and affect the performance of the light badly. In order to solve this problem, you should take good control of reflow solder and solder iron temperature. Soldering pen is installed with temperature control, effectively preventing high temperature of the solder iron in case of burning out the LED chip.

The third problem is the moisture burst at high temperature. If exposed to air for a long time, LED packaging can absorb moisture. If not treated with desiccant before use, the reflow reflow soldering temperature is too high, and the LED packaging can be expanded, causing the blowout of LED encapsulation, and the overheat and damage of LED chip. This problem can be solved by dehumidification process. The LED light should be stored in constant temperature and humidity environment, and it must be placed before the next use about 80 degree of oven bake for 6 to 8 hours in the dehumidification process, to ensure that there is not moisture absorption phenomena when using the light.

The above has illustrated three problems and solutions of the 5050 LED strip light. It is hoped that this article is helpful and useful for you to make full use of the strip light.

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  1. It seems that the strip light is made precisely and carefully. I believe that the light has good light effect. I am going to get it for my stores.

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