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Practical DIY Lighting Ideas Sharing – part 2


3. Night lights

Now let’s look at upgrading some of the lighting features outside your home. You can have LED night lights with the click of a button. Not only do LED night lights add to the appeal of your home, they serve the very important purpose of providing visibility and security in the dark. Add a few of the led night lights like the Original Xiaomi MiJia LED Smart Lights throughout your front and backyard. These are infrared, have a human body motion sensor, and a dimming feature. It does not get cooler and more convenient than that.

led night lights

4. Water tap lights

Speaking of cool, wouldn’t you love to have a LED water tap light? Have you heard about this fantastic and wonderful led water tap light? I came across this color changing and innovative tool for faucets recently. It is so cheap and so funky, unique that I couldn’t but want it and so I got it. I enjoy it very much, particularly the times I wake up in the middle of the night and find myself using the faucet. It literally makes your bathroom as fancy as a night club.

led night lights

5. Street lights

The last DIY lighting idea I want to illuminate you with is probably the most useful. You can make your own street light. This is a straightforward way to add light to the furthers areas of your home and can come in especially handy if you live in a remote or rural area. Just wire up a High Power outdoor park road lamp. You can add a pole for it or just wire it around a tree. These park road lamps are 50W of LED light so you know it will shine bright and you know it will do so for a long, long time. Make sure to cover exposed electrical wire property if you try this very effective way of increasing visibility and protection to your home.


Remember, all you need to create something great without paying a great price is love, creativity and the right materials and tools. You can stay on top of the lighting trend, any trend really, with a little help from the right products.



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