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Practical DIY Lighting Ideas Sharing – part 1


I think you would agree that the lighting of a home certainly sets and transforms the ambiance. Here are some DIY ideas for sticking to the latest lighting trends! You can easily improve the way your home feels in an effortless, and cost-effective way. When doing any lighting upgrades, make sure to always go for LED. There are vast benefits to LED lighting. In fact, the US Department of Energy named LED technology as today’s most energy efficient. Not only do LED bulbs last twenty-five times longer than a standard bulb, they also have less of an environmental impact.

modern wall lights

1. Modern wall lights

By far the easiest LED lighting idea is using the modern wall lights. I know is it not completely DIY-y, but it really does not get any simpler than this. It’s a breeze to install and you can feel free to say that you renovated any bathroom, office or similar space you add this LED Wall Light to, and that space will literally shine. Its simple and stylish design can definitely cater modern people’s tastes and decorative needs.

modern wall lights

2. Track lights

Nothing says contemporary and chic like track lights. You can make an led aluminum track light yourself. All you need are a few easy to install LED Aluminum Track Rails and stylish bulbs. The installation of these rails is more than a breeze. You can do one or two rows of LED aluminum track lights. You can even do an X or H shape on larger ceiling spaces to accentuate the entire space. You can also create a beautiful variation of the sophisticated track light by adding a pend factor like the pendant light accessories. All you need are the same LED Aluminum Track Rails, electrical wire, and these gorgeous E27 Light Sockets with a Knob. Hang the bulbs from the ceiling track, this gives you the much-desired pend lighting look. These vintage, Edison style sockets come in a wide variety of colors, so you can customize your DIY, LED light fixture to your liking. You can also customize the length of each hanging pendant and use mismatching bulbs to create a more industrial look.


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