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Portable Waterproof LED Lamp For Outdoor Travel

When wandering on the market, I am attracted by a new LED lamp, called portable waterproof LED lamp. This lamp features IP68 waterproof, power bank function, and adjustable brightness, popularly welcomed by many people who are fond of outdoor travel.

Portable Waterproof LED Lamp

If you are also curious about this lamp, you can continue reading to know more about it.

Portable Waterproof LED Lamp-1

This LED lamp is well designed, having micro USB charging port, waterproof luminous button, USB output interface and hanger design. Its product details can prove it to be super advanced and practical to use.

Portable Waterproof LED Lamp-2

This portable waterproof LED lamp has waterproof switch. Through this switch, you can turn on and turn off this lamp easily and conveniently. The USB interface is safe and convenient, and you can charge your phones or tablets at any time. PC lampshade ensures high transmittance and crush resistance, protecting the light source.

Portable Waterproof LED Lamp-3

Applying LED light source, wafer LED clip, this lamp can provide you excellent light with low consumption. Adopting precise circuit design, it can ensure the quality to maintain long-term stability. Using 2600mAh high power lithium battery, this lamp is extremely durable and reliable to use.

Portable Waterproof LED Lamp-4

With enough power supply, this lamp can emit white light, red light, emergency flash, SOS light for difference uses in different occasions.

Portable Waterproof LED Lamp-5

This LED lamp has different power supply modes. With USB power adapter, it can be connected to the socket. This lamp can also be connected to power band to charge for it. Besides, it can be connected to computer for charging.

In a word, for easy and convenient outdoor travel, this portable waterproof LED lamp is really the best lamp for illumination. Purchasing it for yourself, you will definitely feel no regret.

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