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PLAYBULB Candle Night Light For Party Home Decoration

When wandering on the market, I find an another wireless Bluetooth LED light, called PLAYBULB candle night light. This night light is extremely colorful, advanced and practical for use, ideal and perfect for party home decoration. To know how advanced and practical this night light actually is, you can read the following to find the answer.

PLAYBULB Candle Night LightA mobile App controlled device that liberates our imagination over colors
Smart APP application control, 16 million colors to choose from
Through PLAYBULB X Mobile application to create a light bulb groups, a control multiple lamp brightness and color
Handy, smart, safe, creating your own unique flame at anytime anywhere

PLAYBULB Candle LightLow-power Bluetooth smart technology, controlling distance up to 20 meters
Low-power intelligent chip design, powered by 3 x AA batteries

PLAYBULB Candle Smart LightBuilt-in intelligent voice-activated sensor device, allowing you to easily switch
Providing three scented aromatherapy blade change, each aroma sustainable 100 days

PLAYBULB Candle Smart Night LightFour effects model, candles analog mode, flash mode, pulse mode, rainbow mode
Super compatibility, for Android/iPhone 4/4s/5/6/iPad/iTouch

After knowing the above information, you can easily understand how advanced and practical this PLAYBULB candle night light actually clearly. For party home decoration, this colorful and excellent wireless Bluetooth LED light is definitely your top choice.

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