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PIR Motion Sensor Light Switch: Intelligent Auto on/off Switch

Recently, I find an intelligent auto on/off switch, named PIR motion sensor light switch. This switch is far more advanced, practical and convenient for use, compared with other light switches. And now, I’ d like to share it with you in details.
PIR motion sensor light switch
Size: 86 x 86 x 35mm
Material: stainless steel+PC
Working power: AC100V~250V 50/60HZ
Load power: LED≤40W, Energy saving≤80W, Incandescent≤200W, Fan≤50W
Standby power: 0.0088W
Delay time: 15~300second(about 20 seconds by default)
Illumination: 5LUX~50000LUX
Sensor distance: 6~10m
Sensor angle: 110~140degree
Load: 7A energy-saving lamps, LED
PIR motion sensor light switch
It has simple installation, with single wire system, just like ordinary switch connection.
It is sensitivity adjustable.
It has lightning protection, strong anti-jamming capacity, more safe and reliable.
With large power, impedance biggest load can reach up to 200W.
It is super energy saving, power consumption 0.08 degrees per year.
PIR motion sensor light switch
When people pedestrian into the sensing range, the light will start automatically, and when they leave, the light will delay and shut down automatically.
It is perfect for corridor, basement, warehouse, garage, and other places of automatic lighting.

By now, you can have a clear mind of this PIR motion sensor light switch, and you can understand why I am impressed by it deeply. As it is really practical, functional and convenient for use, this intelligent on/off switch is worth purchasing.

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