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Outdoor Portable Hanging Lamp For Camping

Do you often go camping in the spare time? If yes, here is a useful and helpful equipment for you, that is outdoor portable hanging lamp. This lamp is purposely designed for camping lighting, featuring hook design, bright lighting and easy operation. To know more details about this lamp, you can continue reading.

Outdoor Portable Hanging Lamp

This lamp is made of plastic, durable and practical to use. It has two kinds of colors for selection, that is green and orange, both of which are beautiful and eye-catching.

Outdoor Portable Hanging Lamp-1

Applying three Q5 LEDs, this outdoor portable hanging lamp can deliver 1200 lumens maximum brightness. The light color is white. If used, this lamp can fill your tent with soft light, quite comfortable and pleasant.

Outdoor Portable Hanging Lamp-2

This lamp has three switch modes, namely all high, half high and SOS, able to be used for illumination in different situation. Powered by three AAA batteries, this lamp can work and function well for your camping.

If you like camping, or often go camping, this outdoor portable hanging lamp is the best and perfect lighting tool for you to have. Getting it for yourself, you will surely never feel regret.

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