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Original Xiaomi Yeelight Lamp: Touch Control Bedside Night Light

Today, I’ d like to share a touch control bedside night light with you, called original Xiaomi Yeelight lamp. This lamp is unique and special in design, excellent and amazing in lighting, easy and convenient in operating, quite popular and famous on the market. To know what this lamp is really like clearly, you can read the following.

Original Xiaomi Yeelight Lamp

Type: night light
Brand name: Xiaomi Yeelight
Size: 221mm*100mm (H x D)
Body material: ABS
Rated power: 10W(0.7W*14)
Voltage: 12V 1A
Number of LED chip: 14 pcs
Light source: LED bulb
Lighting color: 16000 changeable color
Color temperature: 1700-6500K

Original Xiaomi Yeelight Light

Fashion and amazing Yeelight bedside lamp
Adjustable color temperature and brightness for a comfortable glow
1700K-6500K color temperature gradual changing function

Original Xiaomi Yeelight Touch Control Light

Controlled by touch or by phone via Bluetooth
Using phone as a Bluetooth remote, unique design

Original Xiaomi Yeelight Touch Control Lamp

Simply touch and slide to adjust brightness, power off delay, switch light mode, adjust color as you want
Wonderful gift for your friends or family

After knowing the above information, you can easily see what this original Xiaomi Yeelight lamp is really like clearly. Its design, lighting effects and simple uses make it perfect and ideal for bedside night lighting. If you need a night light, this one is absolutely your top choice.

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