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What To Notice When Using 5050 SMD RGB LED Strip Light

5050 SMD RGB LED strip light can be used in home decoration lighting, commercial lighting and some special lighting, and the application scope is quite widespread. The strip light, as one of the LED lighting products, is now very popular and famous, welcomed by many people. In order to make full use of the strip light, there are some notes you need to pay attention to.

5050 SMD RGB LED strip
5050 SMD RGB LED strip

The power supply voltage should be suitable for the strip light, according to the label of the light. You should install the appropriate insurance device. When the strip light is damaged, you should immediately cut off this part, and you must not continue to use it in case of causing damages.

When using 5050 SMD RGB LED strip light, you should not use any object to cover the strip light. If you demand flashing or gradient light effect, you can apply the LED controller. Installation is fixed, ans you should not tightly tie it with wire and other metal. Only the two pieces of strip light with same specifications and voltages can be connected to each other, and the total length should not exceed the maximum length.

Under the cold weather condition, to install the strip light, you can charge the strip light for a few minutes to make it soft and flexible for easy, and then you can cut the power off and install the strip light easily and conveniently. It is not allowed to connect to power when you are assembling or installing the strip light. Only after you finishing the assembly and installation, you can charge it and put it into use.

The penetration of the 5050 SMD RGB LED strip light is higher and higher, and the using scope is also wider and wider. After purchasing, you can enjoy the great benefits the strip light can bring to you only through correct methods for installation and maintenance, and you should keep these useful and helpful notes in mind.

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