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What To Notice When Purchasing LED Strip Light

As LED strip light is really useful and practical, many people choose it for illumination and decoration. In order to purchase good and excellent strip light with reasonable price and enjoy the wonderful performance of the light, it is essential and vital to know what to notice when purchasing the strip light.

led strip light rgb
led strip light rgb

Firstly, you should pay attention to the price of the strip light. Because of the difference of the shell material of lamps and lanterns, the price of strip light also is not the same. Secondly, you need to notice the LED lamp amount. Generally, for the finished lamp, seemingly the same lamps and lanterns, the inside actual lamp amount is different. The LED lamp amount is not the same resulting in the different prices. When you purchase strip light, you should care about how many LEDs it has.

Thirdly, the brightness of the strip light should be paid attention to. Different LED strip light has different brightness. The degree of brightness is described as MCD, namely the milli candela. The higher the value, the greater the luminous intensity is. This is one of the important indicators of choosing strip light. The higher the brightness requirements of light, the more expensive the price is as the price of high brightness LED chip is too expensive.

Fourthly, it is about the LED chip. Chip origin determines prices, as well as the quality of the strip light. You can often have a general knowledge of the quality of the strip light by knowing the LED chip suppliers as the main factor which determines the price of the LED is the LED chip. Therefore, to understand the chip suppliers can roughly determine the price range of the LED light.

These above four notes should be remembered when you are going to purchase LED strip light. It is hoped that you can get what you want and have a great time with the assistance of the strip light.

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