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Why Your Car Ought To Have a Nighteye COB LED Headlight

Just as humans require eyes to see, a car needs headlights to ensure visibility and safe driving during the night. There are various types of lamps with specific features, pros, and cons but the COB LED headlight bulbs are special. Hence these are the various features that necessitate anyone to install them on their car.

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The Nighteye COB LED Car headlight is one of the best lamps one can have in his or her vehicle. The lamp is 6500K with a 72 watts power rating, which means it is one of the most energy saving headlights, so it would not result in a rapid discharge of your car battery in case you forget to switch it off. The lamp produces a high white light beam that covers a great distance at night which ensures wide light coverage. Compared to other headlights, the COB LED car lamp is much brighter and has a light efficiency improvement of thirty percent. It is integrated with a nanoscale watertight design and dustproof, which can endure extreme weather conditions or during high pressure clean at the car wash. The lamp comes with a double fan rotating at 12000 rpm and an aluminum body for heat dissipation, which ensures that the headlight is twenty times more heat dissipating than other normal lamps. The bulb also has an anti-resistance circuit that stabilizes and control the current, hence, a little chance of burning.

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To replace the headlight bulbs, one is required to have the correct pair of the lamp that cost approximately 23 dollars. First, unscrew the headlight housing and get it out. Secondly, disconnect the wire circuit that connects the bulb to the battery at the rear of the housing. Then remove the sleeve that holds the headlight bulb in the housing to ensure that the lamp comes out easily. Ensure that the new bulb is mounted together before replacing it. When replacing it, note the position of your headlight housing. Put the new bulb where the high beam faces down, and the low beam faces up, so it can shine downwards. The notches at the rear of the bulb will enable you to put it in the right position of the high and low beams. When putting the new lamp in the correct position, you should make sure that it does not latch on your housing. Thus, try to rotate it in both clockwise and anti-clockwise position until it fits in the right up and down position. And then you can lock it back into position with the sleeve. Connect the fan at the back of the COB LED headlight and be careful not to cramp the wires. Check again the high and low beam to confirm that they are in the right position. Lastly, connect the mating wires of the fan and the lamp to the circuit and bolt the housing back to the car.

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In conclusion, the Nighteye COB LED headlight is an energy saving, waterproof, dustproof and thermally efficient product with an amazing beam and bright light. The lamp is also very easy to replace and comes at a pocket-friendly price at Banggood website.

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