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New Style Livolo Touch Switch Remote Controller For Wall Light

Today, I am going to introduce you a new style remote controller for wall light, that is Livolo touch switch remote controller. This controller is a high quality product, extremely easy and simple to use. If you are curious about this remote controller and desiring to know more about it, you can read the following.

Livolo Touch Switch Remote Controller

This remote controller is a new style product of the famous brand Livolo, and its model number is VL-RMT-03. This model is a wireless touch remote controller, in the color of black. It is 120mm in length, 50mm in width and 15mm in height, quite portable and easy to use.

Livolo Touch Switch Remote Controller-1

With ten circuit control, this Livolo touch switch remote controller can be used for every corner at your own wishes. Powered by three AAA dry batteries, this remote controller can work well for you. The radio frequency is 300KHz to 300GHz.

Livolo Touch Switch Remote Controller-2

This remote controller features 2 room setting, 10 circuit control, 4 scene option and 2 dimmer remote control.

Livolo Touch Switch Remote Controller-3

Through simple operation, you can make full use of this remote controller.

Livolo Touch Switch Remote Controller-4

Remote synchronizing and scene synchronizing can also be fulfilled through simple steps.

Livolo Touch Switch Remote Controller-5

This remote controller also features automatic hibernation, and it can switch to sleep mode after 20s’ standby.

Livolo Touch Switch Remote Controller-6

This remote controller has super long standby time. With two AAA batteries, it can last for 1 year.

After knowing about its high quality and easy uses, you can clearly see how excellent and great this new style Livolo touch switch remote controller actually is from the above. For wall light remote control, this remote controller is really a good equipment for you to possess.

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